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08/21/14 12:05 PM #1    

Dale Sopkowiak

Welcome to the Mounds View High School Class of 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/11/15 09:42 AM #2    


Thomas J. Polasik

Happy Veterans Day to all the Vets.

11/12/15 07:28 AM #3    

Bryan L. Spicer

Happy Veterans day to our Moundsview vets.

12/29/15 09:48 AM #4    

Lois L Stensgaard (Bates)

Great Christmas picture of the reunion committee!

06/10/16 10:50 PM #5    

Keith M. Pollari

The memory is quite clear to me.  It was February 25,1964.  Mounds View was playing Basketballat Alexander Ramsey High school.  This was the day when a brash young boxer, Cassius Clay was going up against Sonny Liston.  There didn’t seem much hope that the 22 year old olympic champion from Louisville was going to have a chance against Liston.  Liston was known as a thug so Cassius had a goodfollowing who hoped he could defeat the hoodlum  who certainly wasn’t the peoples favorite.  Liston proclaimed that he would knock out the loudmouth in the first round.  The 7 to 1 odds against Clay didn’t stop him from making public remarks about how he was going to defeat the Champ.  He said he was “a little special” and taunted taunted Liston in every way prior to the fight.

Meanwhile back at Alexander Ramsey the basketball game was in progress.  The Mustangs section was not that full and someone was sitting alone in the upper corner of the bleachers.  He had a transistor radio and was intent on the broadcast of the fight.  In minutes a group of us huddled in the corner listening to the fight.  There were frequent cheers from the dozen or so that were listening.  At the beginning of the 7th  round when Liston didn’t come out and it was declared a TKO.  I remember that at that moment a Ramsey player made a great shot and people didn’t understand why all the cheering from the Mounds View section. Muhammad Ali was one of the most recognized  person on Earth and he is now going  to be the one of the most remembered persons on Earth

Rest in peace Champ!



06/11/16 07:57 AM #6    

Dennis S. Keating


Thanks for the post Keith. I remember that night too. I was at that game and that someone was giving info on the fight. Back then boxing was huge, especially heavyweights.

06/11/16 10:06 AM #7    

Sharon M Johnson (Cass)

I enjoyed that fight also with Cassius Clay, Mahamed Ali going agianst Liston.and other opponets. I thought Mahamed Ali was very good at perdicting which round he would knock his opponent down and win the fight. I also like hearing him put words into poems and coming out meaning something and the smile he always seemed to have. and not being afraid to speak out his convictions. May Mahamed Ali RIP.

Sharon Cass



06/11/16 07:13 PM #8    

Paul D. Christopherson

A great memory of an iconic champion.  I remember listening to the Clay Liston fight at home.  I also recall that one of my classmates gave me 20 to 1 odds that Liston would win.  I bet $1.  Sadly, I never collected on the bet, and even more sadly don't recall with whom I made it.  If anyone would like to confess, head to Arizona and we'll spend the 20 bucks on a local brew or two.


06/11/16 07:17 PM #9    

Timothy A. Nelsen

Also, Brad Ingram took a lot of bets on Liston at 1/7 or more and did quite well.

06/12/16 12:28 AM #10    

Richard Koontz

Keith I also remember sitting high in the bleachers listening to the fight. I think Dave Swanson had the radio.

08/22/16 02:49 PM #11    


Nancy K Dickinson (Fiedler)

Thanks, Committee for all you do!
​We all had a good to visit with almost everyone.

Thanks also to Angie and her GM wait staff...excellent service.

Thanks, Dale for the photo preservation of this event. Glad to see that you got into a few of the shots.
Will have to do better next time....

Looking forward to next year.






08/23/16 12:10 PM #12    


Thomas J. Polasik

Thanks Committee Members, the get-together was a great time. Can't wait until next year for another. Stay safe and healthy.


08/23/16 03:38 PM #13    


Leonard G Christ

Greetings Mounds View classmates,

Nicely done reunion committee.  A fitting opportunity to exchange pleasantries and review some personal history.  I hope to see everyone again next year and maybe many more.  Some cowboy once said, "hope is good for breakfast but bad for supper!"

Happy Trails

Len Christ

08/23/16 04:18 PM #14    

Jerome G. Stenhoff

looking for contact information for james r whaley. there is no info on his profile does any one have phone or email for him?

08/23/16 04:18 PM #15    

Jerome G. Stenhoff

looking for contact information for james r whaley. there is no info on his profile does any one have phone or email for him?

09/02/16 04:51 PM #16    

Jerome G. Stenhoff

looking for contact information for susan dintzner wondra phone number email or address please. 

03/03/17 12:08 PM #17    


William J. Thaemert

I remember John. He was "one of the guys".. which says a lot. John was a great guy. My symathy to his family.


03/04/17 11:34 AM #18    

Michael J. Winkel

As some of you already know classmate Joe Mauricio is the state commander for the VFW. He was invited by Senator Al Frankin to attend president Trumps address to congress. Thank you Joe for your service, and for your dedication to our vets.

03/12/17 04:11 PM #19    

Elaine M Laumeyer (Young)

Hey Joey....way to go!  So much fun remembering the good ol' days, hanging out in the old neighborhood and having fun!  Peace to you, my Friend.......Elaine Laumeyer 

03/20/17 10:53 AM #20    

Michael J. Winkel

Happy spring everyone. Seems like the winters get longer as I get older. Looking forward to our annual gathering on August 19th at the Green Mill. more info on that to follow on our website.Driving by the beach the other day my car darn near turned me up the hill,you know THE HILL. Miss those memories.The Roadside,A&W going down on the avenue maybe a little drag race. Hope you all are well.Mike


03/23/17 06:26 AM #21    

Micheal M. Beise

Don't miss the winters, will be heading back from our place in fort Myers to Minnesota in April LOVE Minnesota springs.

03/23/17 06:26 AM #22    

Micheal M. Beise

Don't miss the winters, will be heading back from our place in fort Myers to Minnesota in April LOVE Minnesota springs.

03/24/17 11:06 AM #23    

Ron E. Anderson

Spring Days Then & Now...I have gone from "icing" my right arm to prepare for a MV North Suburban Baseball Championship with Old-school coach McNeely and classmates Dennis Keating, Bob Stepaniak, Bob Quick and others to Now,  When I often enjoy an occasional "Ice bath" & Jacuzzi in order to get back outside with energy  to feed the wildlife twice daily - How Fun! ...Happy  workouts as we anticipate staying in-shape and looking our best with our relaxing moments of rejuvination...I look foward to seeing all who can attend our Classmate Gathering August 19th at the Green Mill in Shoreview to share stories and re-hash the "special times" of our youth and our memories of attendance at Mounds View High 1965!         Ron Anderson

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